Fall Weddings

Autumn, interchangeably known as fall, is one of the four temperate seasons. Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter. In Western cultures, personifications of autumn are usually with fruits, vegetables and grains. Foods particularly associated with the season include pumpkins and apples.  Fall is one of the most popular times to plan a wedding—and for good reason!

Planning Tips for Fall Weddings:

  • Keep Bridesmaids Warm – Don’t let them freeze give them a Pashmina, Scarves, or a Shawl.
  •  Warm Colors – Use warm elegant colors such as Chocolate, Deep Plum, Burgandy…or go with rich colors and accent with contrasting colors such as Purple accented with Orange and Yellow, or Brown accented with Orange and Purple.   There are so many possibilities.
  • Flower Girls – Instead of flower baskets trade them out for Faux pumpkin basket filled with flowers
  • Decorations
    • Curly Willow Branches & Dried Berries
    • Carved Mona gram Pumpkins & Acorns
    • Spray Painted Branches with Hanging Candles
    • Leaves and Fruit accents
    • Lanterns with Yellow Candles
    • Twigs tied with raffia around a vase with a candle
  • Tree Themed Invitations – Laser cut tree limb
  • Wedding Cakes – Chocolate frosting instead of white or be adventures go half and half.