Lomond View Gardens Policies

Hold the Date

We will hold “one” date courtesy for 4 days. After the 4 days the date will be opened up again.

Date Change

You may make a date change one time day of your event if made before 3 months before your event. The reschedule needs to have a written request and initial the change on the contract.


To book the Venue there is a $700 deposit that will go towards the final payment which is due 3 weeks before the day of your event.


Your statement needs to be paid in full no less than 3 weeks prior to the event. Penalty of $50 will be charged to your bill if not received on time. If not paid in full by 2 weeks of your event, your event will be cancelled and payment will be due immediately. (No personal checks will be accepted within that 2 week period)

If you received any discounts/specials, make payment with cash or check; we will not accept a credit card.

Time Allowed

For wedding and receptions we give you 6 hours the day of your event and 1 hour during the week for a rehearsal. Receptions, you have 5 hours the day of your event. This includes dressing, wedding preparation time, cleanup, and leaving. The event must be scheduled to end no less than one hour prior to the ending of your rental time. If Occupants are still occupying Lomond View Gardens after event rental time an overtime fee of $100 will be charged.

Additional Time
To add more time to the day of your event is a $100 fee per hour.

Event Cancellation

Cancellation of event needs to be in written form. If cancellation is done 3 months prior to event date we will refund half of your deposit. $300 may be reapplied to a new event as part of the deposit if rescheduled within 2 years of the original event date.


We have a list of preferred caterers for you to choose from. They are all great to work with and provide a variety of food to choose from. If you would like to use another caterer not on the list you are welcome to do so, but they do need to be licensed and there will be a $125 outside catering fee charged.


The contract needs to be filled out and signed within a week from making the deposit if not filled out at the time of the deposit.

Building Rental

Bride and Groom Rooms do not allow any food or drink to be brought in. The Kitchen is only a staging kitchen, no food is to be prepared on the premise. There are 2 fridges you may use. If you use the kitchen it must be left clean. Any damage to furniture, equipment, or facility will be charged a repair fee.


Guests may bring photos, flowers, wedding cake, etc. to display. Decorations (Inside the building) must be self-standing. Nails, tacks, tape or other means of attachment are prohibited. Outside decorations may be attached to the rod iron with fishing line or ribbon. Any additions to Lomond View Gardens items must be preapproved. The Responsible Party are to ensure that no damage is made to the facility or surrounding property and that all decorations are removed that evening by your rental end time. Decorations consisting of confetti, rice, beads, gemstones and any other items that may stain or are not easily cleaned up are not allowed. Wedding favors, place cards, and additional decorations are the responsibility of the guest to place, store and remove at the conclusion of the event. Arrangements for early decorating time or special requirements of your decorator/florist must be coordinated in advance with Lomond View Gardens, who will assess cleaning deposits and /or fees. We ask that decor is handled in a responsible and respectful manner to the building and gardens. Our staff is not responsible for the set-up and/or clean-up of your decorations and favors.


Candles are great to create ambiance, and you may use them outside in the gardens, as long as, they are in a container so that no wax may drip on the linen and no flames are too high. Damage caused by flames or melted wax will be billed to the Responsible Party.

Responsible Adult

The Party will designate a responsible adult to supervise the activities throughout the evening. Please let your Hostess know who this designated person will be. Such as keeping an eye on guests not bringing in alcohol, smoking, and/or damaging the facility. We ask for your cooperation in supervising children. Children are not permitted to walk in the flower beds, climbing on things, or throwing items into the pond. While outdoors, children must be accompanied by an adult. Any and all damages will be paid by the Responsible Party.

Smoking & Alcohol

Lomond View is a smoke free facility. Smoking anywhere within the gates of Lomond View is prohibited. This also includes E cigarettes. We will make arrangements for a designated smoking area where a bucked will be provided outside the gates for your use, just let us know ahead of time.

Alcohol is prohibited as well, if alcohol is brought onto the premises we will ask your “Responsible” Adult to politely ask them to put it away. If it becomes a problem you may be charged up to a $300 fine. It is your responsibility to notify your guests of our policy.

Garden Rental

We ask that everyone stay on the walk ways of grass. No cutting through beds, throwing items into the pond, picking flowers or plants and standing on benches. We hold many events through out the season and need to keep the grounds looking groomed and nice for other events as well as yours. We will make every effort to ensure the landscaping looks it’s vest, we are not responsible for environmental elements, conditions or circumstances beyond our control which mah have an effect on the condition and appearance of the grass, pond, and landscapes.

Grand Exit / Decorating the Vehicle

We do not permit the use of rice, confetti or any other materials that may be difficult to clean up. If any such materials are used, a $50 cleaning fee will be charged. Use of wedding bubbles is encouraged, but must be provided by the wedding party and can only be used outdoors. Please check with a manager for approval if you plan to use sparklers or any other creative item for your send off. Decorating vehicles is permitted but all clean-up is the responsibility of the wedding party. The wedding party will be charged a $50 cleaning fee if the parking area is not cleaned prior to the wedding party’s departure and our staff has to clean it up. This fee will be assessed to the credit card on file or the security damage deposit check.

Clean Up & Damage

It is the event party’s responsibility to gather and remove their personal items, and all other items brought, within the given time frame. A $50 cleaning fee will be charged for excessive garbage left for our staff to clean-up. This includes if our staff is required to clean-up plates, utensils, cups, etc. from around the grounds and/or building, and guest tables. Please arrange to have your tables looking clean and professional if not already lined up through your caterer. If an outside vendor is unable to remove their items or equipment after an event, it is the event party’s responsibility to remove and return it to the vendor. The Responsible Party will be held accountable for any damage to any part of Lomond View Gardens. A Credit Card on file will be required to cover any damages that may arise from your event during the period of time you, your attendees, independent vendors hired by you are on Lomond View Gardens property. This venue will not permit the affixing of anything to any surface throughout the building and gardens. In the case of damages and for all missing property or damage to the facility, you will be notified of the incident before your credit card is charged. Lomond View Gardens is not responsible for any items lost, stolen or left behind; however, we will do our best to contact you if any of these items are found. These items must be recovered in a timely manner or will be donated at our discretion.

Security / Liability

Lomond View Gardens reserves the right to inspect and control all private events. We cannot assume responsibility for, damage to, or loss of any merchandise or articles left unattended in the building or within Lomond View Gardens premises prior to, during, or after your event. This venue is not responsible for any damage or injury incurred by the Responsible Party or any guests. Children must be supervised by an adult both in the building and in the garden areas. No climbing is allowed on the rocks, or water features. No playing is allowed in or around the pond in the planted areas.


Parking is available in the back. Please ask Family and Friends that arrive first to start parking in the back. Parking will go well if they do not start taking up the parking stalls in the front of the building.

Equipment / Sound

In consideration of the residential (city sound ordinance) all music must be off at 10 pm. Our  goal is to keep neighbors happy and non-disturbed.

*Prices are subject to change without notice